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A New Year – Ready for a mind de-clutter?

A New Year – Ready for a mind de-clutter?

As we all know too well, the New Year comes with promises of out with the old and in with the new. The most common “ news “ we hear about is shifting that extra stone or two, stopping smoking, joining a gym, even attempting a new skill. This is all great news, but, to my mind, we need to look at why we overeat, smoke, don’t exercise, get bored, the list goes on…

What about the state of the inside of our minds? Is this not important too? How many of us suffer from low and extreme mood swings, irritable behaviour, and on some occasion have fully blown depression when we appear to lose our self worth and any inclination to help ourselves improve our lives

As a psychic medium and hypnotherapist  , more and  more people are coming to me looking for answers. Some have low self esteem, high anxiety, anger, fear and complete exhaustion. Sometimes these conditions are so debilitating that they can make a person lose all sense of life and their own reality.

Firstly, as a psychic medium my guidance must always be honest.  Half-truths help no one, and can make situations worse. If the person is not coming back into a relationship that my client wants, sometimes it’s difficult to accept this. This can cause all sorts of problems with our mind, and sometimes we can go to very extreme measures to win a person’s attention, mostly not seeing that we are making the situation worse. Another common problem I come across is family tensions, often going back years and where the damage done is thought to be quite irreparable.

So, what’s the answer? To wallow in self pity, becoming even more depressed, lonely and often angry?  To take it out on people we do have around us and make others  , as well as yourself, miserable ?

Hypnotherapy and action planning is a great way to analyse what is going on and what we need to work on to improve our overall self esteem. We start by identifying our strengths, and work through our areas for improvement and what we want. What would make our life better? Yes being slimmer, healthier,  richer are all answers expected. What about inner peace and contentment with our lot? Is that not important? I certainly believe so. Self-belief makes us stronger, wiser, more in control and generally much more happier individuals. I will not pretend it’s easy to change a lifetime of negative thinking…why would it be. Expect your mind and body to be in a whirl for a few weeks. However at the other side, look at what you gain in terms of happiness, self esteem and overall a renewed vitality. Now isn’t that worth it as a great way to start the year !!

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Written by elaineclaire