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Mediums are people who are able to raise their vibration high enough to contact and communicate with your loved ones, guides and teachers in the spirit world.

A medium becomes the ‘message bearer’ for the guides, teachers, loved ones and other spirits around you who want to talk to you, let you know that they love you and help you progress spiritually.Mediums connect with loved ones who will usually come through to give a particular message to the client to help give them comfort and clarity in their life. A good medium should be able to come forward with names, dates, conditions, etc and give evidence of spirit existance through comfirming situations around clients and ways forward.

Mediums work all over the world and can be found in any local spiritualist church working on platform giving messages out. They can also form a link with spirit through voice vibrations and photographs, etc which is why telephone and e-mail readings are a more comfortable way for people who wish to obtain a private experience.