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What is tarot?

A tarot reading consists of the reader working with a 78 card deck, made up of beautiful images of all different aspects of our life.

There are 22 ‘major’ Arcana cards, dealing with high emotion around the client’s life. Some clairvoyants or Tarot readers may only use the major 22 cards, whilst others use the whole pack to get a general feel for the person they are reading.

56 minor cards are separated into four suits – wands, cups, swords and pentacles (coins), dealing with career, emotion, mental and financial aspects of the person’s life. Again, these can be used altogether or separated to suit a particular query around work, love, finance, etc.


A Tarot reading is a very powerful tool and can open up lots of issues concerning the client. There are hundreds of different spreads that can be used to look at certain situations, timings, etc.

No two readings are ever the same, as clairvoyancy skills develop as you talk to each different person, although the basic meaning of the cards do not change.