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Ever wondered who you were in a previous life?

Ever felt curious about whether you have lived another life? Perhaps you have had some triggered recollection of a place you have visited for the first time, yet you know what awaits you there. Or perhaps you wonder why you get on great with some people, most people in fact, yet there is one person you really cannot connect with on any level. Is there a reason for this?


Many people who wish a past life regression will do so out of curiosity. Most of the world’s religions include reincarnation as part of their teachings, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and many more. Christianity is the main religion which does not include it but earlier references to the Bible show this was not always the case.


The job of any professional is to work within their own spiritual beliefs and respect all other beliefs, therefore religion and culture should play no part in past life regression or therapy. The job of the past life therapist is to take their client on a journey of discovery to access their subconscious and find what lies there. They then use hypnotherapy techniques to deal with whatever may arise through a past life regression. Sometimes the issues uncovered may not lie with a past life, but an earlier part of the client’s life in which they have subconsciously erased any memories of because it has been too traumatic for them. A past life therapist has the tools to deal with whatever emerges, either in a past life or a repressed “this life” issue.

If you have an interest in this area and wish a past life regression, you should seek out a fully qualified professional.


Elaineclaire started to take an interest in past life regression as part of her own spiritual development. She has experienced past lives that have been able to give her fascinating insight into some of the issues she has brought with her in her own life and has been able to answer a lot of previously unanswered questions.


Elaineclaire is now a fully qualified Past Life Therapist and can offer this service to clients in their home environment.


If you are interested, please or call Elaineclaire to discuss further.


Past Life Readings


NB: please note Elaineclaire also offers past life psychic readings. These are completely different from past life therapy as they are not client led. Cost £50 for regression


Having worked extensively for several years on both Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy, please find below a video to give you some information on the services offered, including how Elaineclaire's own interest in Past Life Regression led her to train as a therapist. 

Past Life Regression Sessions Available In Glasgow Now! Get In Touch To Book. 

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