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Many people ask about aura colour meanings. What are the meanings of aura colours? How do you interpreter auras? What does each colour mean ? Everyone and everything has an aura. Our aura is filled with colours that reflect each and every facets of ourselves. These colours tell everything about us and can be interpreted because each colour has a meaning.. Have you ever looked at someone and felt that they looked a particular colour? Quite often when we are ill or extremely down we have a greyish black feel about us. This is because our inner aura is feeling trapped and there is great conflict going on. You may also feel a redness around someone who has just had an argument and they are not yet calmed down. A person may also have a “blocked” aura, where the colours are seen as murky through the eyes of a clairvoyant , where, for example, they may have the start of a sore throat. A clairvoyant can often pick up on this as they will see a different shade of what the throat aura would normally look like and they are able to pinpoint a particular problem.

Below is a table of the seven main Chakras in the body. When a clairvoyant is looking at auras , these are the main colours they see. It is important to note that these colours are a “ healthy” aura . Where the aura is blocked , for example, around the heart, a clairvoyant can pick up jealousy and mental stress around the person and the green looks much darker than below.

Aura Colours