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Psycards are a system of symbolic pictures to help you find directions in your personal life. They can be used by yourself or to help other people as a counsellor or reader or interpreter. Their aim is to help you (or others if you are reading or counselling them) gain insight into yourself, your feelings and your own psychology. They can help you make complex personal decisions, understand your motivations and become alert to the exciting possibilities in your life and to those of the people closest to you. They seek to encourage you to develop your own spiritual and psychic gifts. In the simplest form they enable people to open up to themselves about their inner feelings. Psycards use some elements of Tarot but draws on 20th century psychology and ancient story fable and myth. It seeks to be easily accessible and the cards should speak to you spontaneously and be relevant to your own life and experience.

Number of Cards: 40 Card Deck, includes small information sheet.

Size of Cards: 64 x 110 mms

Author: Maggie Kneen


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