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Automatic writing-the fancy name for doodling….

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Ever sat at an important meeting or seminar, looked at your meeting notes and all you can see are scribbles of little designs? I know I have, plenty of times and have sat next to many doodlers too! So, are we deliberately switching off from the speaker and the discussions taking place? Well, not necessarily. You see, sometimes we are so focused on what is being said that we almost go into a mild hypnotic state and our psychic ability becomes very strong without us really realising it. If these “doodles” were to be analysed, you would find many fascinating snippets of information, from initials of significant people you have to take stock of in the room or workplace, to you writing the initial of the dishy guy at the next table who has been eyeing you up for the last couple of hours and you have just noticed! And you don’t even know his initial at that point….

All of this doodling is very handy if you decide to turn your hand to spiritual work. As a clairvoyant and clairsentient medium, a lot of my visual work comes from the tools I use, and, among some of favourite tools which I use on a daily basis to help me link with spirit is Automatic writing. Anyone can do this. Yes, getting a blank piece of paper and starting to scribble to your heart’s content! I have found this tool works very well in my face-to-face readings and also my phone work. Before you know it, an initial or location is written in front of you, or you draw a leg or a set of teeth!! You are using your spirit guides to “link “in with your subjects and you can see some incredible results. We all have psychic ability. Learn to take it a step further by delving deeper into your own mind through daily meditation and relaxation. The results you will see in your work are well worth the effort.

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