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So you need a reading?

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

A lot of people visit psychics and mediums every day, all over the world. Some folks know exactly what they want from a reading and come in with a list of questions. These can vary from a work-related question to a relationship reading, a moving house dilemma, or to know that their loved ones in spirit are ok.

Psychics and mediums can be very different. A psychic is someone who can read your aura, feel things going on inside you, pick up issues around your life, and do past, present and future readings, making predictions for the weeks and months ahead. Some psychics work naturally, some use tarot cards, angel cards, ribbons, automatic writing, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, etc the list goes on. A psychic working on a psychic level often cannot link with spirit, and therefore cannot always work as a medium.

A psychic medium is someone who can, in a nutshell, read the aura of someone no longer with us. A medium can lift their vibration to such a high level that we can link in with people who have died. A medium can also give a message to the person they are reading from their deceased relative or friend, to help them through a situation. Every medium is psychic, due to the ability to link with the aura, but not every psychic can lift their vibration to speak to the departed.

This is worth considering if you are considering a medium, or spiritual reading. No predictions are made from the dead, but advice is often given. A medium’s ultimate aim, though, is to prove the existence of life beyond the grave, and this is done by giving evidence of something they may have done when they were alive.

So, before you decide on a reading, think about what you want. Is it a chat about your future in terms of work, relationship, house, money, etc. Or is it to talk to a loved one? Given mediums can work on a psychic level, you can have both.

So, it’s worth seeking out information on what you are looking for. If you want a psychic reading. and you get a medium just wishing to link in with deceased relatives, you may be slightly disappointed. Remember, your input is important to get the best experience.

As a psychic medium, I tend to do a mediumistic reading for my first half, then psychic reading using tools for second part. It’s a myth that psychics or mediums know it all. We don’t!

However, we can be really useful in deciding our direction in life, through doing a bit of soul searching. It can also give us that peace of mind of knowing loved ones are safe and we will meet again.

Remember it’s your reading. Every reading is tailored to suit the individual. Do your homework before you make the call, to ensure you get what you are looking for.

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